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Installation: - Select the folder where your Wo T is installed.

Hey, you can download Quicky Baby`s modpack with XVM for free without registration here.

In the Tech Tree, the announced vehicles will be marked with a special symbol in order to inform players that corresponding vehicles will be added in the nearest updates. Having completed the four sets of missions with honors, players can immediately receive the last (fifth) vehicle component.

After the release of Update 9.22, the FCM 50 t will be removed from the in-game Store. Missions in each operation were revised to correspond to the main reward.

For example, now all missions of the Stu G IV operation can be completed in Tier V vehicles; missions of the T28 Heavy Tank Concept operation can be completed in VII vehicles, etc.

29 year old Will Frampton, London, also known as Quickybaby, is an experienced Wo T player.

With an overall winrate of 62 per cent he is considered to be one of the top-skilled streamers of the EU-region.

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At the same time, participation restrictions remained unchanged.