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I have had people stop me in malls and various other stores asking me what perfume I am wearing. They say it doesn't smell anything like that on them. the green note disappears after five minutes and the Obsession DNA is still strong and powerful, but also sweet and warm, exactly as I remember it... I became obsessed with candy, sweet, foodie, yummy gourmands. Both scents need WINTER to come alive/get sweet/smooth... This is a spicy sweet chai masala, its Christmasy and also like a hot cross bun! First time I smelled obsession was on my aunt back in 1986.

Very surprised that the rating on this fragrance isn't higher than it is. You do have to be careful when applying this one though. luckily winter lasts about 8 months here) I realized that Tabu most reminded me of Obsession... I'm still from that rural small town, so my purchases are almost always blind buys from ebay. I remember it was my first day of school;first grade to be exact,and I had missed the bus and she volunteered to take me.

current Obsession is an autumn colored maxi skirt and cream cashmere sweater, with tousled beach waves, maybe pulled up in a messy bun. Maybe others see a powerful businesswoman with 80s shoulder-pads but I don't really get that vibe! This sweetness is exactly the smell of a tobacco pipe smoke. and on my skin, no matter how many hours passed, I still can smell pipe smoke. Obsession is my guilty pleasure, although I'll readily admit to it.

I find it comforting and cozy in its spicy sweetness..I'm happy to say my husband actually loves this one on me, he likes so few of my classic fragrances! Remember hefty dose of this on a sweaty summer skin can be too much for others around. It's certainly unique and heavy, which is what I usually like. This is sensual, quite powdery animalic with hint of sweetness underneath spices, and citrus. the civet is shown as well with oakmoss, vetiver, musk, jasmines, and huge junks of amber. I blind bought it and was hoping to like it, but when I smell it I connect it with something bad, I don't know, maybe I have some kind of unconscious memory with a similar smell, but I don't like it at all, it's just not for me I just got Obsession on the mail this afternoon. The first time I got a whiff, I thought it was old lady like, pungent, very 1990's, and very gross. But lo and behold, a few hours later I got a whiff of the most warm, enveloping, inviting scent. I wouldn't wear it, as I feel it still is a bit dated, but I've sprayed it on super cold winter nights on my sheets to go to sleep. The phallic bottle shape also amused my younger self. I visited her home and the whole place smelled of Obsession, but not in an overpowering way..was as though she lit an Obsession scented candle.

All I could smell on her and in her car was this scent.

It was very strong but it was also a comforting scent.

Longevity is pretty good:6-8 hours and I assure you that it'll last longer during the winter. Over time the scent has settled into something reminiscent of insect repellent. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I actually enjoy the reformulation more than the vintage!

I'm now on the search for a vintage bottle to see how it differs. I never used to like obsession but lately I can’t help it.

Starts a bit sharp and green, with echos of 'Safari' but soon mellows to a warm amber. There's a touch of plastic in there but nothing serious. But it's reasonably priced, so you can be generous!

I feel this way for a lot of perfumes as it seems I either have terrible luck or many vintages just have that "off"/"old" note that always makes me wrinkle my nose a bit and can mask the nuances of a fragrance that would otherwise be present in a fresh bottle.

Anyway, the current flavor of Obsession has a sweet green note to it that I really love that the vintage lacks.

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For some reason every time I buy a bottle for myself I end up not liking it and end up selling it. If you buy vintage, probably it will be poor civet's musk (the animal had to be killed for the manufacture). When I first sprayed it, I thought I would not like it- the first sniff was a strong, powdery hit that I thought would turn into what I thought of as a "Bank of England" smell (edit: when I first wrote this review I didn't know about the conversations surrounding labeling fragrances that way). The ultimate in warm, comfort, cozy winter perfumes. I still want to try the new Obsession just out of curiosity. The problem is, I am not a fan of the initial green note upon spraying. I tested a sample of Obsession that I had and I instantly fell in love!

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