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So, for example, if I wanted to make a heavy armor helmet from the Hunding’s Rage set, I would need to have researched at least 6 Traits for heavy armor helmets.The number of Traits that each crafted set requires varies depending on the specific item set and you can find these in the table below.All Group Dungeon Bosses will drop a set item when killed. Bosses drop head, chest, shoulder or leg slot items. These sets only drop in the two arenas in ESO – The Dragonstar Arena or the Maelstrom Arena. These sets are made up of two items only, one head piece and one shoulder piece.

All of these world sets are bind-on-equip and can be sold to other players.The level of the crafted set items that you create will determine the values of the set bonuses.To craft a set you will need to go out into the wilds of Tamriel and find the appropriate that matches the item set that you wish to create.This effect can occur once every 3 seconds.2 Items: Adds 12-1064 Maximum Health3 Items: Adds 11-967 Maximum Stamina4 Items: Adds 4% Healing Taken5 Items: When you block an attack, you have a 10% chance to cause your next direct damage area of effect attack to deal an additional 300-3450 damage.2 Items: Adds 11-967 Maximum Magicka3 Items: Adds 1-129 Magicka Recovery4 Items: Adds 12-1064 Maximum Health5 Items: Decreases the time it takes to resurrect an ally by 25%.When you successfully resurrect an ally, you restore 20-1720 Magicka.

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This uniquely-named item is also a part of one of the sets of the zone they are located in, but may not adhere to the dropped slot guidelines above.

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