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Who tom sandoval dating

"Not stringing along my ex just to have my ass constantly kissed.

The way Stassi said, 'I have a support system and I wasn't alone,' came across to me like someone who is just trying not to look like a total bitch.

"I hated the fact that this Jax and Kristen thing seemed to be the topic of everyone's conversation."As far as Stassi telling me I'm in denial, and I 'need to break up with Kristen,' the bottom line is: it's MY choice and MY relationship. " Tom also reveals that Stassi was cheating with Frank for a month before officially calling it off with Jax last season!I'm not going to be making life-changing decisions at the whim of Stassi (who hated Kristen pre-Jaxed)! "I didn't put it past Stassi to take Kristen's phone at a different time to send a different series of text messages, just to validate her position.He sent me a text saying that I could come to his dinner and pretend like we don't know each other.He sent another text saying 'U know UR definitely invited tonight, these are all your friends too'.

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