Who is richard li dating

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Isabella Leong thought that his family is expected, Lee was reluctant to accept her.

According to media reports, Hongkong (special) to make their position to consolidate, Tim Lee married into a fire, Isabella Leong telling Richard Lee eating ovulation medicine, gave birth to twins, angered Richard Lee lead to break up.

The new companion Richard Lee who was wearing a red skirt and black hot wire, suspected 2015 runner up Guo Jiawen, Miss Hong Kong (Karmen) was born in 1992, 24 years old this year.

Richard Lee seems particularly favored small their 20 years old.

Prospective father-in-law Li Jiacheng attitude is very subtle, when Li Changzhi was born, Li Jiacheng loved the grandson of love obviously frequently through the Internet video, and grandson meeting, and asked Richard Lee to arrange a private plane to take it back to Hong Kong, even don't mind grandson identity exposure.

When Isabella Leong Richard Lee gave birth to son Li Changzhi, Lee won the favor, Li Jiacheng not only personally given name, ultra small also very loving son.According to the legend, Richard Lee took more than 200 million from King Yang Shoucheng for ransom there "beauty".At the time when Richard Lee broke the news, or a foreign girlfriend, 29 year old British mixed race master Luo Aixin. Isabella Leong, a former daughter-in-law, was released shortly after giving birth to twins, announcing that he would break up with Mr. Isabella Leong was completely out, four years, three children, can't keep a super rich too cool, the result is a sigh.The media Bachu Isabella Leong two children after Lee's different reaction to prove credible rumors.At the beginning of the birth of twin sons, Richard Lee did not like the eldest son Li Changzhi was born, and distributed to the media family portrait photography.

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