Who is ku hye sun dating

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Who is ku hye sun dating

Goo Hye Sun- if you are reading the comments - we love you ! "There is no such thing as a perfect person in this world. just curious of your educational background, do you any degree you finish? I have not read any source of your educational attainment.

Ku Hye Sun is a special mutiple gifted, superb K star that I first follow, not only naturally and beautiful look, but her personal life theme made people all over the world keep focus eye to her with adorable. We all must become the main characters or the stars of our lives. But from whatever is our circumstances, it is very important that we find the opportunities to try out what we want to do." — Ku Hye Sun (구혜선) She is indeed and inspiration! One of my biggest dream is to meet you in person... You're a real professional actress, singer, writer & director.

Hey Ku Hye- Sun, i wish you the best with Ahn Jae Hyun. Time flies ...it's been a week sinced you two confirmed dating for a year and im so happy sinced i like you both i shipped ahngoo couple from minsun couple after your blood kdrama .. you two dont want a glamorous weeding but a simple one with your families and relatives instead you want to donate the money to hospital pediatrics ward. Since I play guitar now my favorite song which I play every time was their team song " April Will She Come" by Simon & Garfunkel and every time I played this I can imagine their series. You capture my heart and your angel sweet face calms me also for the F4's You guys cool and wish you all the success & good work in a future to come. Netflix asks us to rate what we watched by up to five stars.. Earlier things you have done were very immature..shallow.you seemed to really be soo wan.. I am not surprised that you are an animal person.of compassion there..don't change yourself for anybody hello Ku Hye Sun, I am your a big fan. hye sun unni you are really pretty and your acting is so amazing, the way you acted in blood was amazing, i think you can do a drama of you as the main lead, your acting is more than enough to entertain us, when i watch dramas of other actress to too but i recognize that they are just acting, your acting is so natural that i think the character is real , you are the best unnni fighting Unnie !! She is very beautiful and multi-talented actress also with a kind heart too. You are far better than others coz I have watched other korean drama without you,i considered you one of the best. I figure you don't have the time to bask in the light of all the adoration on these sites. Many people who doesn't know Goo Hye Sun either judge her prior films or drama . People tend to dislike the ones who are different from them whether worse or better than them .

I am a big fan of his, i enjoyed the drama 'Blood', the both of you played roles which i found quite outstanding. I hope that you to had another project/drama together. You two are really a couple match made from heaven..goodluck ahngoo couple to the next journey of your life..remain humble just like what you are now.. Wish you and Ahn Jae Hyun will have more love and stay stronger forever❤️ you're the only one my favorite korean actress since i watched boys over flower.whatever drama that you play and whoever your couple.i always watch face,your smile and overall of you i like that and i hope that every year you can play one,two or more korean drama :).i always support you and keep fighting unnie. From jandi to Dr Rita,you re indeed a great actress, love every of your work & I will always support pls get back to the game(another drama) because you have millions of people just waiting for your next work..( Nigeria fan) From jandi to Dr Rita,you re indeed a great actress, love every of your work & I will always support pls get back to the game(another drama) because you have millions of people just waiting for your next work..( Nigeria fan) OMG I had a bad first impression with her character in Blood, I hate her character's personality and looks so much I decided to drop Blood on the first episode!! i am so upset with your current korean drama blood because it never get a higher rate there in Korea. very different and i love it coz it offeres new variety of your ACTING. Keep doing what makes you happy coz i like you smiling. It brought back many good memories of my parents (who are both deceased) sisters and my husband. Even after being a fan of hers for eight years, I can't believe how pretty she is! They either know nothing about her or dislike her because she is different from them . How many people can say they have done what they wanted to do at the age of 30?

God let her come to this earth for people to see the brave and great angel in reallistic. And I believe that it will happen maybe not in the near future but soon!!! I think your just trying to make KHS look bad cause your so JEALOUS of her. As your age you will be a multimillionaire someday. Uhm...don't really want to be disrespectful towards Ku Hye Sun's fans but I first saw her in BBF and at that time I was relatively new to dramas; BBF is the first Korean drama I tried to watch and I recoiled from just the first episode. She's been wearing more conservative dresses fitting for daughter-in-law to see her mother in law to be. I am not fond of watching koreanovelas until I saw u..

Just going on her path and share her love and care to people with faithfully. Not very many actors can become the character and lose themselves in doing just that! @confusion; it seems like you've already made up your mind that you don't like BBF simply because of KHS. In this movie she may yell a lot cause realistically that's how high schools are. Looking forward for more success, give thanks to God for these blessings. @confusion, have you heard of the idiom "different strokes for different folks"? Many of you say it's a cute drama; okay sure, it might be cute but all that yelling and acting like a spoilt kid; the performance that Ku Hye-Sun put forward; it still makes me taste bile.

At the time, Yang Hyeon-Seok, the CEO of YG Entertainment, advised Hye-Sun to pursue acting rather than music. But Goo Hye Sun seems always shy in front of the camera that she does really get into the role of kissing. I cannot stop myself to watch you and LMH through Youtube. Wish you all the very best , hope you and Min ho are dating in real life ... despite all the critism of how her acting sucks, i always believe shes one of the few actresses who takes on roles bravely and accept critisms without any defet. I was never a fan of anyone not until she came along! thanks for making me happy on your tv series "Boys over flowers" I like it much... I believe you love those things you do and that what makes you to be on top of everyone...

His advice would persuade Hye-seon to pursue acting first. BUT WOW IN ANGEL EYES, IT'S LIKE A NEW AN IMPROVED GOO HYE SUN. I'm waiting for your new drama series with lee min ho. and my idol director, actress,singer, writer etc....... Also, she made me laugh a lot when she agrued with LMH. You two are so adorable , really good to each other a perfect couple ... I'll admit, she's a fine actress and far more diverse than many drama cast members. Hope you could have a movie again with Go Jun Pyo... To dhini (comment #14): Hye-seon Ku did indeed appeared in "August Rush" in a small (I mean small) cameo role.

Hye-Sun then signed with YG Entertainment and still harbored dreams of singing. I'm sure that due to Lee sang yoon other drama's is use to those kissing scenes that he of course can pick up signal. your a gifted person i admired you a lot i hope and i wish you all the best of luck, success in life and also your love life. very kind , cute and very sweet Korean girl , I'm also a scorpion , born November 4 .. jandi she s ma icon i envy her the way she did it on bof is wal cant explain she suddenly evoked an unxplanable passion 4 acting i never knew existed in me wheneva she laughed or cried smiled i would too she was in control of ma emotions i luv her gal at tyms would dream being with her on bof every i & have encouraged every1 here in zimbabwe to watch and oftenly discuss it all day and have nicknamed ma aunt's babe geum jandi after her,she is the best and luvd her relationship with goo joon pyo I just adore her, she never ceases to amaze me, discovered her in BOF and then watched her other dramas like King and I, Strongest Chilwu and it was Pure in heart (Pure 19) that was made me crazy about her. You do a lot of things like singing, acting, writing and even painting.Actress Goo Hye Sun revealed that she's previously dated a celebrity during filming for KBS 2TV's 'Happy Together'.SEE ALSO: Actress Goo Hye Sun talks about ranking 1st on search engines for weight gain The episode featured stars who have obsessions, and Goo Hye Sun captured attention with talk about a former boyfriend.However, I got the impression that he wanted to keep a low profile."Goo Hye Sun went on, "So I wondered if he liked me less than I thought.It made me think that he thought his career was more important. He always want it privately because of his personal reasons.

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She said, "I've gone on a secret date with a male celebrity before.