Who is jenny mccarthy dating now

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Who is jenny mccarthy dating now

Fast forward a year to an appearance on in which Wahlberg replied to a question about whether they do it right after working out. Mc Carthy has also said that she feels like she never truly "made love" to anyone until she started getting Whalburger'd on the regular, telling , "But as you get older, you know what you like.

Then you learn what making love really is when you meet your soulmate." While that sounds incredibly deep and meaningful, Mc Carthy offered this additional perspective on the subject during another ).

That sounds super romantic until you realize that they do this every year. "I think it's a nice commitment to each other," Mc Carthy said of the arguably excessive tradition, adding, "With everyone so busy, and our schedules, like, we live in Illinois and New York, so we go back and forth every week, so to take that time and just commit again, it's really nice." Just to put this into perspective, here are a few celebrity couples who also renewed their vows annually: Tori Spelling and Dean Mc Dermott; Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey; and Heidi Klum and Seal. Seal even once admitted that the yearly rededication "kind of turned into a circus." Yikes.

, Jenny said that when they first started dating they "Face Timed at least 17 times a day," which has now evolved into them doing it "every single night we're apart" and all night long while they sleep.

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She declared it her favorite body part during a "Newlywed Game" style show for , the author caught them in just such a moment, writing, "At this point in the interview there's a long pause. Aside from their relentless public foreplay — Morgan Freeman once told them to "Get a room" after he caught them attacking each other's faces at The Emmys — Wahlberg and Mc Carthy have gone so far as to make sure they can still get it on even if they're miles away from each other.

The newlyweds have honed in on each other and don't seem to realize anyone else is in the room — not the stylist primping Mc Carthy's hair or the photographer staging his next shot — and certainly not me, recorder light blinking red, waiting for an answer to my last question." Super sweet, right? I'm addicted." Wow, and we're right back to gross again. Wahlberg revealed that he once gave Mc Carthy a custom-made "toy" that had his face on it, which is something nobody ever needed to know — to the point where we're sure even the fabricator of said toy (Hint: It's not Mattel) wishes they could forget about it.

Another relationship revelation to come out of the aforementioned "smellier the better" Wendy Williams interview was the fact that these lovebirds also have a bunch of ink to forever commemorate their stinky love.

Of course, right now you may be thinking, "While ill-advised, it's not that weird for lovers to get tattoos for one another." And you'd be right, except you'd probably be hard-pressed to find anyone who got one designed specifically for touching their lover's face, which is just what Mc Carthy said she did.

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Several months after saying "I do," Jenny opened up about meeting Donnie for the first time during yet another appearance on ," she shared back in 2014, via E! "Then he went on my show and I was like, 'He's single? And then we went out, and I knew from date one I was going to marry him." And, yes, we think true love is always a good reason to hug it out.