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Fine particle levels are highest on warm, sunny days and on clear, calm winter mornings.

Fine particles affect visibility in two ways -- by absorbing light and by scattering light.

It is especially prevalent in diesel exhaust and smoke from the burning of wood and wastes.

Black carbon absorbs light and contributes substantially to the low-altitude, brown clouds sometimes seen during the winter over urban areas and valleys.

The display panel for the visibility data shows the air pollution and meteorological conditions associated with the photograph.

These data are collected at the site of the camera or at another location within the scene of the photograph.

It is primarily caused by diesel engines in urban areas.

More than 230 peregrines have hatched at our nest boxes -- about 20 percent of Wisconsin’s total.

In the 1960s, peregrine falcon nesting pairs in the U. In the early 1990s, we joined the effort to re-establish the raptor by installing nest boxes at our power plants.

Much of the decline was attributed to the pesticide DDT, which passed through the food chain and weakened egg shells, causing many peregrines to die before hatching.

Most haze is caused by coal-fired emissions from power plants.

Medium and high levels of fine particle concentrations are a strong indication that poor visibility is due in large part to pollution.

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You can watch our falcons during nesting season, typically March through July, on our live webcams.