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Wanstead vicar dating

In 1710 the manor was purchased by Sir Richard Child and was amalgamated with Wanstead manor.

By the middle of the 18th century houses in Woodford were described by a Swedish visitor as “of brick, several storeys high, well built, and some of them handsome.

The Saxon settlement was probably centred on the east side of the River Roding and two village greens survive at Woodford Bridge to this day.

By the 13th century a new manor house been built on the extreme western side of the parish and a church was founded beside the manor house.

The roles of the Surveyor of Highways, the Parish Constable, and Overseer of the Poor are self-explanatory; the two Churchwardens administered other local matters.

They were also responsible for the fabric of the church and the building was extended in 16, a tower was added in 1708 and the church was largely rebuilt in 1816-7.

The earliest mention of this dates from 1177 when it was recorded as belonging to the canons of the Holy Cross of Waltham who owned the manor.

This district came to be known as Church End (now South Woodford).

Many of these were bankers, traders or retired East India captains and ship owners.

Fortunately the parish records survive almost complete and give a detailed picture of the running of the parish from Stuart times up to the Victorian era.

The parish had four principal officers, elected each year to manage its affairs.

After the Dissolution of Waltham Abbey in 1540 the manor was granted to a succession of influential gentlemen which increased the desirability of the parish.

The strange custom of inheritance by the youngest son (known as Borough English) was traditional in the descent of the principal manor.

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