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We want the European Union to take responsibility and become a genuine promoter of cultural and linguistic diversity across Europe.We want the Copenhagen Criteria on protecting the rights of minorities to be observed also by the Member States of the EU.In short, it sums up our main objectives: safety for minorities and legislative package for minorities.The motto of the European Union is “In varietate concordia – United in diversity”.

The European Union has ignored these requests too often in the past, and has left the minority issues to be dealt with on a Member State level, or by other international organisations.

As a consequence Anita sends the firemen to Wynaldum instead of Wyns, and Goaitsen’s house burns down to the ground, before the firemen eventually arrive one hour late.

His story proves how crucial it can be to use your mother tongue, and make yourself understood in your mother tongue.

Therefore they want protection and support for the preservation of their identity.

This is what the Minority Safe Pack Initiative calls for.

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The Minority Safe Pack Initiative does not want to take anything from the majority communities or from Europe.