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Keonna thankful headlines considering that turn one's back on gestation impecunious approximately Nick's commitment roughly Iggy Azalea.As concerning Aja, she bewitched respecting plus Dwyane like that which he was ostensibly "on a repudiate" exotic Gabrielle Union.In a statement Friday, VH1 said its “ultimate responsibility is what’s on our air, and in this case we immediately took the show off the schedule as well as off of our digital platforms.” The channel added: “Everyone has a role to play in the hundreds of hours of original programming that we develop each year.Something went wrong here, so we’re all looking at the process to make sure it doesn’t happen again…” Mr.VH1 has done the right thing, at least temporarily, and canceled all reality shows featuring now-deceased murder suspect Ryan Jenkins.

It appeals to us like a car crash – it’s hard to keep from looking away.) Having a murderer in their midst won’t make producers question the programming, and they probably think it’s enough to eliminate the specific shows he was on.The NY Times had an article late last week before Jenkins’ death that questioned whether VH1 would continue running sensational and arguably exploitative reality shows in the wake of this scandal.Reality shows have never featured a known murderer up until now, but as Reality Blurred editor Andy Dehnart states, they thrive on questionable characters to create such obnoxious television.In the wake of the murder investigation, VH1 indefinitely postponed airing the future episodes of “Megan Wants a Millionaire,” which was finished shooting in March.They released a statement yesterday after Jenkins’ death that the show is now canceled, and that it, and “I Love Money 3″ will never air.

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Denhart doesn’t think that’s going to change at all in light of the failure of their vetting process: “Obviously, if the company had been given a full picture of his background, he would never have been allowed on the show,” 51 Minds said in a statement.

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