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The credentials may be invalid because there is no matching username/password pair in the user store, or because the user has not yet been approved, or because the user has been locked out.In Step 4 we will see how to show a more detailed message to the user when their login attempt fails. Using the Login control saves us the work of having to create the interface to collect the visitor�s credentials.method, and then examined using the Create User Wizard Web control.However, the login page currently validates the supplied credentials against a hard-coded list of username and password pairs.Or, if you have not yet created an account, go ahead and create one from the .That means any hacker sniffing the network traffic can see the username and password.The Membership API includes a method for programmatically validating a user's credentials against the user store. NET ships with the Login Web control, which renders a user interface with textboxes for the username and password and a button to log in.

To prevent such brute force attacks, the Membership framework locks out a user if there are a certain number of unsuccessful login attempts within a certain period of time.

When a visitor reaches the login page and submits their credentials, their browser makes an HTTP request to the login page.

If the credentials are valid, the HTTP response includes the authentication ticket in a cookie.

Figure 2: Comment Out the Existing Declarative Markup and Source Code in .

At this point your screen should look similar to Figure 3.

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Unfortunately, there is no built-in tool for unlocking a user account.