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Like the ones in the stock photos, were they able to come to life.The agile workplace is therefore lost in its own ideal, de-coupled entirely from the organisation it hosts and from the reality in which it resides.We still want desks, not ‘team tables’ or ‘collaboration benches’ or ‘touchdown’ whatever you call them when you don’t have to bother with monitors and stuff, or to cable them up.We’ll nag you to oblivion to take away the velvet sofas and put more of the workhorses in, because we haven’t got time for informal team gatherings and the mythical stock-photo behaviour you believe is what changing our space will have us do.It disperses people unnecessarily, creating a shallow pool of trivial relationships while preventing the continuance of deeper conversations that allow work to be done. It’s temporary pants We’ll go along with all of this for the time being and then we’ll go back to normal.

It is a fatal flaw, and we could probably end the discussion there, because we’re just going to sit in the same damn place every day.

of course, originating in the wonderfully-named Snowbird, Utah in 2001 – and then everyone else jumped all over it. The thesaurus threw up little in the way of usable alternatives for workplace – frisky working, anyone?

The ‘agile workplace’ is interchangeable with the clumsy yet more self-explanatory ‘activity based workplace’ that preceded it, first appearing in a paper 35 years ago.

It’s cheap pants You can dress it up any way you want, but it’s an entirely transparent proposition: agile workplace costs less to create, and cost less to operate than a traditional workplace.

The promise of collaboration, wellbeing and an environment for innovation and creativity and all the other vacuous BS-bingo ideas are just the window dressing on the CFO’s desire to save money.

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We’ll wear you down, resistance is as futile as your etiquette workshops and poster campaign.

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