Updating a row in linq to sql

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By using relationships, the duplication required can be lessened or eliminated completely.

For example, the fleet database could be created with a single table containing all employees and the details of the vehicle that they drive.

This is the first in a series of articles describing the use of Microsoft's SQL Server database management system (DBMS).

The tutorial is aimed at software developers using SQL Server for data storage.

In addition to separating information according to its data structure, a relational database allows to be created.

Stored procedures are not part of the ANSI SQL standard.

Tables are where the information within a database is held.

A table can be thought of as a grid of information where the columns in the grid define the elements of data required and each row is an individual record.

Access to SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Server Management Studio Express or a similar tool is strongly recommended.

A database is simply a place to store and process structured information.

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Part one reviews database concepts and terminology.

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