Updating 1970s houses

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Updating 1970s houses

The French Legation stands as the oldest documented frame structure in Austin.Also in 1839, the Texas Congress set aside 40 acres (16 ha) of land north of the capitol and downtown for a "university of the first class." This land became the central campus of the University of Texas at Austin in 1883.

Shortly after the election of President Mirabeau B.

By 1836 the Texas Revolution was over and the Republic of Texas was independent.

That year was also characterized by political disarray in Texas.

Waller surveyed a grid plan on a single square-mile plot with 14 blocks running in both directions.

One grand avenue, which Lamar named "Congress", cut through the center of town from Capitol Square down to the Colorado River.

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Following Mexico's Independence from Spain, Anglo-American settlers began to populate Texas and reached present-day Central Texas by the 1830s.

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