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In so far as avarice is an incentive to injustice in acquiring and retaining of wealth, it is frequently a grievous sin.

In itself, however, and in so far as it implies simply an excessive desire of, or pleasure in, riches, it is commonly not a mortal sin.

It is essentially an act or disposition of the will desiring to be considered better than a person really is.

Pride may be expressed in different ways: by taking personal credit for gifts or possessions, as if they had not been received from God; by glorying in achievements, as if they were not primarily the result of divine goodness and grace; by minimizing one’s defects or claiming qualities that are not actually possessed; by holding oneself superior to others or disdaining them because they lack what the proud person has; by magnifying the defects of others or dwelling on them.

It becomes sinful when it is sought to wreak vengeance upon one who has not deserved it, or to a greater extent than it has been deserved, or in conflict with the dispositions of law, or from an improper motive.

Jealousy can be good depending on what one is actually desiring. Paul wrote that his apostolate was to make his fellow Jews jealous of Christians — not so that they would persecute and try to destroy them (as in envy) but so that they would seek the spiritual advantages of conversion to Christ (see Romans ). How we judge it depends upon the quality of the vengeance and the quantity of the passion.Ordinarily it is then considered a venial sin unless the excess is so great as to go counter seriously to the love of God or of one's neighbor.LUST: The inordinate craving for or indulgence in sexual pleasure.It is called a capital vice because through it many other sins are committed.It is more to be dreaded in that it often cloaks itself as a virtue, or insinuates itself under the pretext of making a decent provision for the future.

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For more developed answers you might consult the Modern Catholic Dictionary by John Hardon.