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Tamagotchi dating show

That’s why today we’re counting down the top five best Tamagotchi releases. One thing the original series didn’t really think about, though, is the fact that kids had to go to school for eight hours every day, resulting in them showing up to middle school class looking like this: ▼ Ladies, one at a time please.

If you’re suddenly feeling nostalgic and want to pick up a virtual pet of your own, which should you buy? In fact, kids bringing Tamagotchis to school and disrupting class became such a big thing that when the updated versions of the originals came out, the commercial for them made a point to show that you can “pause” the game when your school bus comes.

The experience has been simplified somewhat and the device itself has slimmed down considerably, but the gist is still the same: care for your digital friend.

This turned out to be the Tamagotchi’s ‘personality’.Ah Tamagotchis, the bane of school teachers everywhere in the late 90s.Back then Tamagotchis were little more than an egg-shaped toy that beeped and pooped and died if you didn’t pay attention to it every waking second, but in the 20 years since Bandai first released them outside of Japan in May 1997, Tamagotchis have evolved along with the times.The egg-shaped device is roughly half the size of its 1990s predecessor, sporting a square digital screen with three buttons underneath it. Your choice of shell doesn't affect which virtual critter hatches, however.The process of caring for your not-actually-a-pet has been simplified — there's no playing games with it, and the icons at the top and bottom of the screen have been removed — but that simplification makes sense in the fast-paced world of 2017. All six of the original Tamagotchi creatures are back with this re-release, and you end up with one at random any time you hatch a new egg. Tamagotchi was never meant to be a complicated device, and Bandai's revival makes it even easier.

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Different child sprites react differently to the care factor though.

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