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“African-American” is a culture that she identifies with and grew up in, but does not mean that she is of pure African descent.I live in Europe and there is no way she would be considered black here.Africa as a continent was not divided in the past , with a subsaharan black line.So the entire African continent consisted of highly diverse light and dark skinned people, with all different hair textures from wavy to curly.Fulani and Woddabe tribe have slender noses and long features.

Log in to Reply Most are from Niger and Mali which is considered subsaharan black West Africa.San Bush men are light red skin with seemingly “Asian” features but have some of the oldest dna of human kind.Humans moved back and forth in and out of Africa due to climate change resulting in a wide variety of DNA and facial types. Log in to Reply @Fuzzy bear, I totally agree with you @Andrew, no this woman is not heavily European influenced. There were light skinned peoples already living in North Africa.Normally we range from 5% to 50% admixture in the Americas to be African American.BUT you can be not very mixed and look just like Nicole and be majority black subsaharan African.

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