Starburst dating

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Starburst dating

The two lines are very close in wavelength (12.8 and 15.6 µm), and they have similar critical densities.This makes the line ratio a sensitive probe for various star formation parameters, in particular the upper mass cutoff of the IMF (M are deficient in the observed sample.Metallicity effects in hot-star atmospheres are relatively minor because of reduced line blanketing at high T.The chemical composition does of course enter via the metal-dependent stellar evolution.They found an IMF slope that is significantly flatter than the average for young clusters elsewhere in the Galaxy.If IMF variability is a concern, combining spectral features that respond differently to age and IMF can help overcome the age-IMF degeneracy.Either they never formed because of a peculiar IMF, or they have already disappeared due to aging effects.

Our goal is to investigate the stellar content from purely stellar tracers.However, any self-enrichment is generally small since the nucleosynthetic products of massive stars appear to require much longer than 10 yr to mix with the surrounding ISM (Kobulnicky & Skillman 1997).In any case, independent techniques are available for estimating the metallicity in young starburst, such as emission-line spectroscopy of H II regions.This is because they have the strongest stellar winds, which in combination with their high temperatures produce broad (~ 1000 km s) emission lines not coinciding with emission from H II regions.Examples are N III 4640, C III 4650, He II 4686, C III 5696, and C IV 5808.

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This implies that the inferred burst durations must be less than a few Myr.

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