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The extent of any follow-up will depend upon the circumstances of the disappearance.

For example, if evidence indicated that the missing person was endangered or may have been forcibly abducted, deputies would immediately begin follow-up on leads.

Information on their procedures can be found on the Arkansas State Police web site at us Eviction Procedures: In cooperation with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, we have established specific protocols we use in handling eviction procedures for persons who have failed or refused to pay rent.

While there may be other reasons for a landlord or property owner wanting to evict a tenant, the ONLY circumstances that the Sheriff’s Office can become involved in under the law is Eviction for Non-Payment of rent.

Criminal Background Checks - General: The Sheriff's Office may provide certain information to the public that is available for public disclosure under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act.

This would include information from the Sheriff's Office Records Management System on Incident/Offense Reports, Accident Reports, Jail Booking Records, Warrant Records, Civil Process Records, Citations, and Dispatch Logs/Complaint Cards.

Most Body Attachments (but not all) will have language indicating that the person can be released from custody if a prescribed cash amount is paid to secure his release.

Body Attachments are court orders usually issued in child support enforcement actions.

They are very similiar to warrants of arrest that are issued in criminal cases.

Exceptions would be for records relating to active/ongoing investigations, certain personnel records, records that have been sealed/expunged by court order, and records involving juvenile offenders or juvenile suspects.

There are nominal fees associated with processing these requests.

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All other types of evictions for all other reasons must be handled through an attorney in civil court.

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