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The NY Times of April 29, 1999, and other papers reported that Harris was rejected from enlisting in the Marines for medical reasons.A friend of the family told the Times that Harris was being treated by a psychiatrist.Organizer Steve Fernandez said they’ve never seen such a large crowd — however it’s possible that the cancellation of next month’s show in Fort Lauderdale may have attracted concerned citizens.If You Have a Mental Illness, This Antifa Student Group Wants You A Texas Antifa student group hosted a six month health program to “politicize” students with “mental illnesses,” according to a Thursday report.

Tarantolo states that “all the SSRIs [including Prozac and Luvox] relieve the patient of feeling.

In fact, some of my opponents publicly indicated that they were willing to compromise on gun issues even before the tragedy in Florida took place.

If you would like to help us win this race so that we can relentlessly stand up for your 2nd Amendment rights in Washington, here is how you can make a financial contribution…

A dispute about cereal broke out inside a grocery store in Ottawa, and during the affray a man stabbed and wounded several people.

The alleged perpetrator then fled the store, but was rapidly tracked down and shot to death by police officers.

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Astonishingly, for eight days after the tragedy, during thousands of hours of prime-time television coverage, virtually no one mentioned the word “drugs.” Then the issue was opened.

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