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Lucky for him, Jasper Robinson walks by and catches him about to rock out with his cock out.

They chat for about a nanosecond before taking turns demonstrating their mastery of the skin flute.

The action moves to the back of the truck where Christian enthusiastically fucks Jasper until they both explode in a creamy finish.

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As a good ol’ Southern boy living in a college town, I’ve done my share of tailgating on Saturdays, but I have never had the kind of awesome fun that these boys get into waiting for the gladiators of the gridiron.

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Truthfully, I’ve been concerned about the sustainability of life since I was a kid.

In the early 90’s I was living on a hill, in an ex military vehicle I called home, using a small windmill to power the lights and stuff.

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I built my first windmill in 96 after a five year battle with all comers – NIMBY’s, bigots, planners, big power companies, you name it – and went to Kyoto in 97. I’m after change, by empowering people to bring it about themselves.