Sex bot simulator

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Sex bot simulator

I have the Kinetic release of ROS running under Ubuntu 16.04 on my Raspberry Pi 3B.

Before you even build your robot, you may wish to first simulate it.

ROS also provides some language independence between communicating nodes. The publisher can be written in Python and the subscriber can be written in C , or vice versa. Nodes can communicate with each other across a network of machines. Nodes on all other machines find the Master using an environment variable containing the hostname of the machine which has the Master.

For example, a Python publisher can gather sensor data while a C subscriber does the heavy-duty processing whenever there’s data available. When nodes request to publish or subscribe to a topic they give only the topic name.

Here’s a link to a large list of available packages. A sufficiently complex robot will require multiple processes, possibly even spread out over different computers. A node called image_republisher decompresses that video.

If you’re testing different motor controllers, you could write different nodes which all publish using the same topic.Of course, to do that they need to communicate somehow.ROS provides two mechanisms for nodes to communicate with each other.ROS is a framework consisting of a huge number of libraries and tools specifically for developing robots.It’s open source and most code comes under the BSD license. ROS has been primarily tested on Ubuntu and Mac OS X though the community has also gotten it working on other Linux distributions and is working on Windows.

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One is a publish-subscribe mechanism wherein one node publishes that it will have data available. In the example illustrated here, raspicam_node publishes compressed video to the topic, /raspicam_node/image/compressed.