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Rosamund pike dating

She has two sons, Solo, and tom from this relationship.Despite being one of the highest paid actors and the creme de la creme, Rosamund does not allow all that to get her head flying too high. Past Relationships Rosamund was dating Simon Woods between the years 1998-2002, he was a fellow actor, and the two worked together in the movie PRIDE AND PREJUDICE in 2005.She does exercises regularly and during a particular film, her workout becomes more intense and more oriented towards that movie.For instance, for 2012 film Wrath of the Titans, she did gain 3 kilos of muscles and did a lot of push-ups.Before that she was in a relationship with the actor Simon Woods, who turned to to be gay.But she denies she doesn’t have a good”radar for men”. they’re people I’m happy to have shared time with.” Now 35, Pike is seven months pregnant and the birth of the baby will coincide with the release of both Gone Girl and What We Did on Our Holidays, the story of a couple about to divorce.Pike, who appears on the cover of Vogue this month, admits she could sometimes appear 'aloof’ and 'ethereal’, putting it down to her determination to become an actress from an early age. This point is what I’ve been working for since I was small sitting at the side of my parents’ rehearsal rooms and figuring out what I believed in.” Now she is about to appear opposite Ben Affleck in one of Hollywood’s most sought after female roles - Amy Dunne, the wife in Gone Girl, directed by David Fincher, who flew her to St Louis to drink whisky with him to see if she had the “balls” to play the part.She said: “I’m passionately driven – to the point of oddness. In her Twenties Pike was engaged to Joe Wright, the director, who called off their wedding after the 'save the date’ cards had been dispatched.

The couple were about to tie the knot in 2008 but called the wedding off before the big day.

My tendency is to identify with a character and imagine there is more on the page than there is.

He’s quite good at putting a check on that.” Pike, who has been with Uniacke for six years, first grabbed public attention when she landed the role of the Bond girl in Die Another Day at the age of 21, before going on to appear in Pride and Prejudice and An Education, but she denies that success has fallen into her lap.

She does not allow the world or the media or anyone to meddle in her private life and affairs much.

She still has her residence in London (her place of birth) and lives with her partner, businessman Robie Uniacke.

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From there she went to Wadham College, Oxford, temping to pay her way and avoid getting into debt.

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