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Rating users from online dating sites

certainly not the best way to find a partner and you are exposing yourself to scams and to feel violated in your privacy. I never open a new account or else."No explanation other than this. You won't get any match, also some members from far away, overseas, some asking money or gifts. Change your phone or get simple cheap phone to register to your bank. Each time there is a match they lose two paying customers. I cancelled my account 2 months before the next auto payment was scheduled. I was hung up on over 10 times & Half the people I spoke with said they could not disclose why my profile was blocked. One person told me I was sending nude pictures, which is impossible because you can’t send pictures to anyone on that site, and I’m not buying a dating app to play games.Paying extra a month for phone service better than paying .97 per mo. Open one email account that registered to your bank but do not use this email to nowhere. Do not answer every member they match you cause some of them, them self to get your personal data. Multiply that by the number of people who subscribe, along with the people who get burned out. Secondly, (and more personal), I've recently tried "match boost" because I've noticed I really wasn't getting many people looking at my profile. Another told me that I should just sign up with another account.might work for young people in their 20s and 30s but I promise you that it would be a fluke to meet someone you were interested in meeting if you are over 60.I hope everyone realizes that owns practically every dating website that you can think of; there are a few exceptions like e I used the app religiously and felt very close to meeting someone who could actually be the one.They tore it away from me, gave me no explanation, and NEVER did the correct investigation to see if I was really harassing people.

To my amazement, I received an email informing me that they were going to issue me a full refund.

Recently I paid for a three month membership in hopes that using a paid membership site would have better results that the free sites like POF. I corresponded with one of them and after a few meaningless exchanges, the woman asked me for my phone number to text me. After three or four meaningless text exchanges, I received the following text, "Give me your email address so that I can tell you more about myself and send you some pictures." I replied, "Thanks but no thanks." I am no dummy (except for giving her or him; who knows) my phone number.

Ironically I received hardly any scam messages on POF but on Match, 100% of the messages I received were from women 30 to 40 years younger than me.

I was also told I wouldn’t get a refund in the email sent to me about my account being blocked because I wasn’t following the privacy policy.

I’m still waiting on a callback and after reading these other comments about Match I can tell I won’t be getting an explanation.

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Your business should be shut down for harassing its customers.