Qatar dating engine

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Qatar dating engine

The first Boeing 777F was delivered to the airline in on May 14, 2010, and has freight facilities able to handle 750,000 tonnes of cargo per annum during its first development phase.

The Boeing 777F will be used primarily on Qatar Airways' Far East and European routes and will be supplemented by Airbus A300-600F freighters operating on regional routes feeding the airline's hub.

Is enough is being done globally to shift to more sustainable forms of transport?

By that time, the airline had not acknowledged it had placed an order for a number of these new aircraft.

A burgundy oryx in a grey background adorns the tailfin. On October 12, 2009, a Qatar Airways Airbus A340-600 conducted the world's first commercial passenger flight using a mixture of kerosene and synthetic gas-to-liquids (GTL) fuel, produced from natural gas, on its flight from London's Gatwick Airport to Doha.

The experiment's purpose was to demonstrate the viability of jet fuel made from a source not subject to rapidly fluctuating oil prices.

officials say the sale will not affect the basic military balance in the Middle East.

Additional customers in the Middle East include the governments of Saudi Arabia and Israel.

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It used a similar livery, except in green instead of burgundy.

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