Problems with abx guide updating

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Problems with abx guide updating

There’s a class of antibiotics called ionophores and another group of medicines called non-antibiotic coccidiostats (not antibiotics) which are used to prevent this disease.They are not growth promoters and have no FDA-approved use for growth promotion.To do any differently would not make sense from a moral or business standpoint.What is the common industry practice when it comes to administering antibiotics to chickens?

Ionophores and non-antibiotic coccidiostats are used to prevent disease in chickens and reduce the need for intensive medical treatment for fatal diseases.Treating animals that are clinically ill would require even greater use of antibiotics; and, in many cases, those antibiotics used for treatment could be ones considered medically important for humans.Preventing the disease is prudent veterinary medicine – and the right thing to do.All along, chicken producers have adhered to strict government regulations regarding antibiotic use, using antibiotics responsibly.Chicken producers have proactively and voluntarily taken steps toward finding alternative ways to control disease while reducing antibiotic use; phasing out those that most critical to human medicine.

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