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Later, they were captured by The Right to be used as weapons and learned that Cameron Hodge was the Commander, until X-Factor rescued them.After X-Factor defeated Apocalypse, his Ship crash landed on their Complex.They chose to take the name X-Terminators after the group X-Factor pretended to be while they were still operating under the guise of mutant hunters.Battling the hordes of demons that began invading Earth, Rusty and the others met up with the New Mutants.

X-Factor arrived and saved them, but not before Rusty was greatly injured by the Blob.X-Factor returned and the New Mutants began to live on Ship as Professor X's mansion had been destroyed.The X-Terminators merged with them to become the new New Mutants.After they were given Christmas gifts as donations from New Yorkers who saw them as orphans, they decided to give them to the children who lost their homes during X-Factor's battle.After finding that they were going to be sent to a boarding school, Freedom Force showed up and ordered Rusty and X-Factor to register.

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After an incident where Iceman's powers went out of control in Central Park, Rusty decided to use his powers to melt the mountain of ice.