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In the UK (where it's subtitled to avoid confusion with the original) it has, shaky start notwithstanding, been much better received than most American remakes and become one of the most acclaimed comedies on TV today, winning accolades in particular for the performances of Carell and the rest of the cast.

It also spawned Michael: Shirty, mole, lazy eye, Mexico, baldy, sugar boobs, black woman.

The school immediately accuses known dick-drawer and burnout Dylan Maxwell but amateur documentarians Peter and Sam think the story of the dicks must go deeper.

comes from comedian extraordinaire Nick Kroll and his writing partner Andrew Goldberg.

Angela just does what I ask her to do so I won't tell everyone that she's cheating on Andy with Dwight.

"He is not my boyfriend, but he is not my best friend," Kaling said in the June 2015 issue of In Style.

Comedy and streaming services are about as good a match as anything.

What could be more conducive to binge-watching than a series of 22-minute episodes?

is a touching exploration of Maria's life and struggles and at the same time is a wickedly hilarious and bizarre acid trip of a comedy helmed by Arrested Development's Mitch Hurwitz. covers all those exciting facts of parenting life in hilarious fashion.

Allison Bell stars as Audrey, a (kind-of single) mother to a brand new infant who must deal with all the various stresses of motherhood by joining a support group with other equally stressed and quirky mothers.

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Master of None attacks the millennial culture with the perfect amount of cynicism and New York vibe.