Military corrosive ammunition dating

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Military corrosive ammunition dating

Noob question, Sorry I don't own a firearm yet but I waiting to inherit my dad's berretta and Intratec TEC9, and he doesn't use it and I remember seeing the same 9mm boxes he bought when I was still in grade six which was 13 years ago.I just got my hands on about 500 rounds of 45 acp that was made in 1967 & 1969.It is highly absorbent and will remove any excess moisture from the storage container.

A good desiccant to use for ammo storage is Silica Gel.

Indicating Silica Gel has beads in it that change color as they absorb moisture which lets you know when it needs to be changed.

We get our Silica Gel products from they have great prices and a wide variety of products.

Commercial ammo will last for a long time, if kept in a nice dry place.

However, it will be less reliable then corrosive ammo after many years.

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