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But as soon as you find yourself on a date, you can't help asking yourself “What the hell am I doing here?

See more » I saw this on a television set at home, so many years ago I forget WHY it made me cry. Without answers to my questions, I can hardly pad this into 15 lines.Romance can easily make us too blind to spot all (or even some) types of negative behaviors signalizing that we might be trapped within an unhealthy relationship.At the same time, it is quite difficult to accept the simple fact that the love of our entire life can possess disgusting and sometimes even dangerous qualities.First he finds a mistress, but just because a man runs away from one disappointment, doesn't mean he won't run into another one.A plane carrying a weapon more dangerous than a nuclear weapon goes down near Greece.

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As a matter of fact, more likely to make one die laughing. Mother footing all the bills and never giving up on me, bless her.

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