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“I was supposed to heal the world.” Then, in the early 1990s, when Logan’s parents signed her up for a pilot program that used peer education to promote condom use and prevent HIV/AIDS, Logan felt like she was really doing something important, something to start healing the world.

“I have a voice, and that’s a privilege,” Logan says. We have lots and lots to learn from each other if we open the space in which we can talk about things that are usually uncomfortable or even taboo.

Questions asked are answered by Rabbis from Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, and Other perspectives.

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Emotional infidelity is just as -- and at times even more -- destructive to your marriage.

Couples I counsel are absolutely outraged when I tell them that they could well be committing emotional adultery when they flirt with coworkers, send around funny emails to colleagues, or hang out with members of the opposite sex at gatherings. Stopping this kind of relationship is the single most important thing you can do for your marriage. It's about where it has already gone, far from your focus on your marriage. What is it that you're trying to protect by maintaining the kind of relationships you're presently involved in?

It was through Jewish community that Logan learned progressive values and, in particular, the value of learning. in human sexuality from NYU, and she currently consults with independent schools in and around New York City on sex education, as well as working with parents and families around sexual communication, giving college lectures, writing and working with the media.

“That’s an amazing place to start talking,” she explains. And she’s coming to Boston on Tuesday, April 30, to speak at both CJP’s Jaffa Society luncheon and the Jewish Federation of the North Shore’s Choose to Connect event to invite Jewish women to engage in honest conversation about sex, sexuality, and our culture.

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