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Unfortunately for him, two of the buyers are also women, and they didn’t appreciate his comments.

Who knows what they actually thought of his leather jackets?

Ross Bennett‘s Annie Hall look was cute to me, but Nicole Richie kept saying something about the fit in the vagina area.

I wasn’t staring as hard at the models’ vaginas, so I can’t say, but I liked the idea behind Ross’ outfits.

Is there anything you would have done differently on the show?

"I kinda have been battling with myself with regards to showcasing the men's piece that I did.

From there I was just pretty much wanting to be purchased by the other stores as well.

But after hearing [Macy's buyer] Caprice state that they wanted to see another dress from me, a daytime dress, if there's anything I would change I would more than likely have maybe shown a daytime dress."Do you feel like you got enough feedback from the mentors when you were designing?

I think by that point I was somewhat frustrated due to the fact that in the first episode I had a buy, purchased by Macy's, and then after I wasn't really getting any bids or being bought.

So at that point I kind of wanted to go in a different direction.

Maybe they did but it seemed like they were shocked she made this move. It’s a travesty that her designs didn’t get to come out to La Roux‘s “Bulletproof” like someone else’s did.

I mean, the hair alone invokes Elly Jackson While Kara didn’t have her designs purchased, she was safe from elimination after Nicholas Bowes didn’t take constructive criticism well and resorted to sexism, saying Nicole and Jessica didn’t know what they were talking about because they are women and he does menswear.

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We just had to mentally come up with something totally different."The buyers weren't really impressed with your switch to menswear - what has that experience taught you about making key decisions?

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