Is chuck liddell dating anna

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Is chuck liddell dating anna

He was raised alongside his siblings by his single mother.From an early age, he along with his siblings were trained boxing techniques by his maternal grandfather.

Now, Ortiz is just waiting for his rival to sign the dotted line himself.“I’m just waiting on Chuck Liddell’s side to kind of sign the contract, get this done. “I think Chuck’s kind of holding out, trying to make more money out of it, which it just doesn’t make sense because this deal is pretty much a cut and dry contract. De La Hoya wants his 40 percent and me and Chuck Liddell get to split 30 percent. Will we meet that million number that we did last time me and Chuck fought?So that’s on complete revenue of the whole fight in general.” An aforementioned revenue split is something Ortiz has wanted in MMA for a long time, he said. “If we fall right in the middle of that, I would be happy. ’ And talking to me would be the first step.” Ortiz hopes to face Liddell in the fourth quarter of 2018.Upon graduation, he joined California Polytechnic State University majoring in Arts. Before turning professional, Liddell recorded an amateur kickboxing record of 20 wins and 2 losses.Further, Liddell signed his first official contract with UFC at the age of 29.

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"I never get tired of hitting that guy," Chuck told us outside of Sushi Nishi in Calabasas ... I really don't like him." Chuck has scored the W in both of his previous fights with Tito -- and says he's going for the knockout this time around too.

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