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Older adults use online dating sites in at least modest numbers, but dating app usage is effectively non-existent for people in their mid-forties and beyond.

The median ages for online dating site users and dating app users are illustrative in highlighting the age differences between each group.

The point of the service is merely to encourage folks to get out there and meet new people.

If it doesn't, at least you got an interesting story out of it.

Greetings, Spiesty: I would like to thank you again for offering this service.

Some 22% of 25-34 year olds, and 17% of 35-44 year olds are online daters—that is roughly double the rate for those ages 18-24 or those ages 45-54.If you're one of those waiting, consider trying to be a little more openminded and less specific about who you would like to go on a date with.""Heyo, heyo!I've partnered up with Spiesty over here in Durotar, and I'm ready to sign up you lovely folks here in the good ol' Horde.I agree with Annathemas in that I think it's worth the risk, especially if you finally make some good connections out of it.As soon as he realized my toon was the wrong gender, he immediately shut down the conversation and had no interest in meeting at all, even on the basis of friendship.

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As we did in our previous study, we presented online dating site users with an open-ended follow-up question asking which particular dating site(s) they have used.

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