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So I don’t want to impart any value judgment on what kind of relationship you might want at this moment.

Looks to me like Justice is slowly but surely beginning to embrace and enjoy his newfound craving for the kind of freaky guy-on-guy sex his clueless girlfriend just can't provide!This weekend we're taking BBA on the road to sunny Miami for a sensual and steamy poolside encounter featuring the much-requested return of fan favorites Luh Redd and Justice.Sitting side by side in an outdoor jacuzzi on a hot summer afternoon, Luh Redd teases Justice about not wanting to swim, and offers to give the handsome older "straight" athlete a free swimming lesson.Personally, I think people get too caught up on whether or not they’re in a full-fledged relationship.There’s a huge spectrum of relationships between booty call dating and exclusive boyfriend-girlfriend dating.

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If he is, great, you can pursue having a relationship.

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