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It is another question with the humanity assumed at the virginal conception.

This did not antedate the historical event of the incarnation.

In some Early Christian sarcophagi, the Logos is distinguished with a beard, "which allows him to appear ancient, even preexistent." also consider a number of Old Testament texts as supporting or consistent with the doctrine, including Gen. These considerations also show up some dangers in the very term "pre-existence".

Other non-Trinitarian Christians with belief in pre-existence (see Section 2 below) may have different or similar interpretations of such verses.

For example, it is likely that Arius and most early advocates of Arianism accepted the pre-existence of Christ. Thomas Aquinas says that Arius "pretended that the Person of the Son of God is a creature, and less than the Father, so he maintained that He began to be, saying 'there was a time when He was not.'" appear to have maintained belief in the pre-existence of Christ despite their rejection of the Trinity.

Today, several nontrinitarian denominations also share belief in some form of the pre-existence of Christ, including the Church of God (7th Day) and the Jehovah's Witnesses, the latter group identifying Jesus as the archangel Michael, Among the many churches which separated from the Worldwide Church of God, also referred to as the "Sabbatarian Churches of God" or, more pejoratively, Armstrongites, there is a shared belief in binitarianism, and that Jesus was the God of the Old Testament through whom God the Father created the world (based on Ephesians 3:9 and John 1:1–3), and that it was Jesus Christ who personally interacted with Adam and Eve, Noah, the patriarchs, ancient Israel, and the kings and prophets of the Old Testament.

Book of Enoch an ancient pre Christian manuscript extant mentions a Christ like person being seen by Enoch standing next to God whom God told Enoch this Divine being would come to the earth.

Theologian Bernard Ramm noted that "It has been standard teaching in historic Christology that the Logos, the Son, existed before the incarnation. Even the classical definition of eternity left by Boethius, "interminabilis vitae tota simul et perfecta possessio" (the all-at-once, complete, and perfect possession of endless life) (Consolatio Philosophiae, 5. "All-at-once" (simul) positively and "endless" (interminabilis) negatively recall time and temporal duration.

For example, Tertullian in Against Marcion Ch.21 sees a pre-existent appearance of Christ in the fiery furnace of one who is "like the son of man (for he was not yet really son of man)." The identification of specific appearances of Christ is increasingly common in evangelical literature from the 1990s onwards. Terry Whalin states that the fourth person in the fiery furnace is Christ, and that "These appearances of Christ in the Old Testament are known as Theophanies or 'appearances of God' ".

To speak of the Son of God as pre-existing his incarnation and even the very creation of the world (when time began) could be (wrongly) taken to imply a "before" and "after" for his personal, divine existence.

In the case of the human nature assumed by the Logos, "there was [a time] when this nature was not"—to apply controversial language to the humanity and not (as Arius did) to the person of the Son of God.

From this point of view, it would have made perfect sense to have said, at the time of the Babylonian captivity of the Jews or of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC, that "the incarnation has not yet taken place" and "the human nature of the Son of God is not yet operating".

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