Gerard butler angelina jolie dating copy of double your dating

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Gerard butler angelina jolie dating

DL has more than its share of posters who enjoy saying, "How dare she? I've watched that particular brand of indignation manifest itself over Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart and Jennifer Aniston. I don't feel the need to justify my dislike for Jennifer Aniston. The first is the idea that the corporate suits who run Aveeno think I am going to buy into their notion that Aniston sets some kind of standard for natural beauty.

It's not anything new or unusual, but it's fun watching people try to justify resentment and envy. However, along with Winfrey and Stewart, I admire and respect her as a woman who has created a successful career. told her it would be a mistake to marry a hopped up on drugs Dennis Quaid. Or that I give a monkey's ass what she puts on her face cause it sure ain't Aveeno products.

And remember how everyone predicted a Kidman post-Cruise career resurgence for her? Kidman, whatever her faults, always takes on challenging roles, whereas Aniston did RUMOR HAS IT and DERAILED, which I guess was a departure because Aniston was kind of evil. Whenever she 'stretches', it usually means she's downplaying her hair like in THE GOOD GIRL and HORRIBLE BOSSES. She's not annoying like most actresses, and can be quite droll. She's a sort of beige-celeb-blob-girl who had a much-imitated haircut, a famous husband and a cheesy sit-com. And didnt Pitt say almost the same, in his most recent interview ? Something to the effect of being stoned all the time, and self involved'. Aniston, despite her bland persona, or, because of it, surpasses every other Hollywood star at this skill.She clearly does not want to have children, but lacks the courage to admit it. She kept promising to put the career on hold to start a family but then would go and sign on to do three new projects. He wanted to get married and start a family but right after the engagement she signed on to several new projects including commercials. How she stuttered and stared at them on stage while presenting.She also created the whole phantom pregnancy tabloid trend by insisting vehemently she wanted kids and hinting she would have them any second. All I know about her is the persona she portrays through movies/tv and the PR spun interviews. The paps are notified where she'll be or she goes somewhere she knows they'll be.People seem to get bizarrely invested in their "hatred" of celebrities, though. There is a world of difference in how Angelina sees her place in the world and how she uses her celebrity as opposed to Aniston. In movies, on our televisions, on every magazine cover that is right there in our faces when we are waiting in the check out line at the grocery store. I mean, do you really think Aniston uses Aveeno, SJP uses Garnier or Beyonce uses Revlon? She absolutely played the victim card for the first years after he divorce.Her detractors are going to see what they want to see, whether it's valid or not. Angelina uses her fame to try and make a difference in the lives of those who are often forgotten or don't have a voice to foment change in a meaninglful way. All their hair, skin and makeup stuff is extremely high-end boutique stuff that's out of the reach of the general public unless they have loads of money. I got a new TV service about 2 months ago, it comes with a whole bunch of premium tv and movie channels, and for some reason there are a ton of Jennifer Aniston movies on ALL THE TIME (why??? I barely sleep right now, have a knee injury) so Ive been watching them at night. She gave quotes every 15 seconds about Brad strongly hinting she wanted him back and slammed Angelina as subtly as possible.

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They don't want to watch a glamour girl or someone who has plasticized herself. The more accessible those women are, the more they seem to resent them.

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  1. As far as dating, I've encountered men who've thought of me as the Mexican woman that is there only to serve, speaks Spanish in bed, or has a connect to an inner drug cartel member.