Friends do chandler monica start dating celebrities online dating

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Friends do chandler monica start dating

We can just imagine Cox taking a note from Monica's book and getting down on one knee to ask for Perry's hand in marriage—as long as her ex Mc Daid doesn't come running back in.

Perhaps one day our fantasies may come true—just not today, Chandler and Monica fans.

But this is presented as Joey's standard greeting to every hot woman ever, not specific to Rachel." But Joey's relationship with Rachel is platonic almost right away. "Joey has a lot of problems but his supportive, protective relationship with the women friends is one of his best qualities.

But name ONE THING Ross ever did to unselfishly help Rachel's career.

(We can but hope.) But there are a lot of people hoping that maybe, just maybe this could happen.

still keep you up at night, you're not the only one: earlier this week, the internet got really, really angry (again) about when Joey and Rachel happened.

At the end of Season 9, the pair's relationship moved from platonic to romance while But if there's one thing to convince you otherwise, it's this epic Twitter thread from Claire Willets, who shut down claims that the romance was just a stalling mechanism for Ross and Rachel's relationship, but rather puts forward a very strong argument that Rachel and Joey are far better suited.

Read it all, and then try and tell us you don't agree.

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@kaneandgriffin explains, "In Defence of Rachel and Joey: A Thread.