Error updating nqs

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Error updating nqs

The invention of the Network Queueing System(NQS) was driven by the need for a good UNIX batch and device queueing facility capable of supporting such requests in a networked environment of UNIX machines.

More specifically, NQS was developed as part of an effort aimed at tying together a diverse assortment of UNIX based machines into a useful computational complex for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

For files being staged-in, this implies that a copy of the file must be constructed on the execution machine, prior to the execution of the batch request.

Such files must then be deleted upon the completion of the batch request.

As part of this common user interface, NQS has been implemented as a collection of user-space programs providing the required batch and device queueing capabilities for each machine in the network.

Provide for the full support of both batch and device requests.

Today, this computational complex is officially known as the Numerical Aerodynamic Simulator Processing System Network, otherwise known as the NPSN.

The assorted machines in this network are of varying manufacture, and (as of the time of this writing) include Digital Equipment Corporation VAXes, Silicon Graphics Irises, large Amdahl 5840 mainframes, and a Cray Research Incorporated CRAY-2.

This new strategy allowed for the construction of a new framework from which to hang new ideas, along with many of the concepts included in MDQS. This section of the paper describes the general design and concepts of NQS.

Towards that end, NQS batch queues have an associated set of resource quota limits, that all other NQS queue types lack.

For a batch request to be queued in a particular batch queue, any resource quota limits defined by the request must be less than or equal to the corresponding limit as defined for the target batch queue.

It must be understood that NQS continues to be developed.

This paper discusses only the current state of affairs, with occasional pointers referencing future areas of improvement.

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In order to provide support for the two request types of batch and device, NQS implements two distinctly different queue types, with the respective type names of batch and device.

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