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Double counting toward Computer Science and Mathematics courses in the CS major is strictly limited and depends on the chosen minor (or additional major).Consult with a CS undergraduate advisor and an advisor from the department of the minor (or additional major) for specific restrictions on double counting.The following course is required of all students to familiarize them with the campus computing environment: A free elective is any Carnegie Mellon course.However, a maximum of nine (9) units of Physical Education and/or Military Science (ROTC) and/or Student-Led (Stu Co) courses may be used toward fulfilling graduation requirements.Some IDEATE courses and SCS graduate courses might not be allowed.Consult with a CS undergraduate advisor before registration to determine eligibility for this requirement.) Four courses in science and engineering are required, of which at least one must have a laboratory component and at least two must be from the same department.In general, courses taken in satisfaction of the minor or second major may also count toward any general education category in the CS major (i.e.

Students considering going on to graduate school in Computer Science should take a wide variety of Computer Science and Mathematics courses, as well as consider getting involved in independent research as early as possible.

This would be no later than the junior year and can begin even earlier.

Students interested in graduate school are strongly encouraged to participate in the Undergraduate Research Thesis program.

A sequence of courses proscribed by the requirements of the particular department.

Completion of an additional major (or dual degree) also satisfies this requirement.

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Constrained electives are shown in the specific semesters in the schedule above as an example only.