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Does mandating health care violate constitution

The United States Constitution does not set forth an explicit right to health care, and the Supreme Court has never interpreted the Constitution as guaranteeing a right to health care services from the government for those who cannot afford it.The Supreme Court has, however, held that the government has an obligation to provide medical care in certain limited circumstances, such as for prisoners.Specifically, the memorandum explains that any state-based insurance mandate is highly likely to violate all three substantive provisions of the Amendment, while also transgressing its spirit and purpose: “State-based health insurance mandates are one of the primary drivers of the increased cost of health insurance premiums in Ohio,” said Maurice Thompson, Executive Director of the 1851 Center.

The appeals court also upheld a decision that children exempted from vaccinations due to religious reasons could be prohibited from school attendance in the event of a disease outbreak that is vaccine preventable.

Obamacare doesn't violate the religious freedom of employers that don't want to cover contraceptives, a federal judge in Missouri has ruled. District Judge Carol Jackson ruled on Friday that this Obamacare provision indeed is constitutional.

Frank O'Brien, the owner of O'Brien Industrial Holdings, filed a lawsuit in March claiming that Obamacare violated his religious freedom by mandating that his company's health insurance cover employees' contraceptive use, according to Courthouse News Service. "This Court rejects the proposition that requiring indirect financial support of a practice, from which plaintiff himself abstains according to his religious principles, constitutes a substantial burden on plaintiff's religious exercise," Jackson wrote in the decision.

Even if vaccinations proved to be 100 percent safe, which they are not, it would still be unethical for the state to mandate you put them into your body against your will.

Sound off in the comments and let us know how you feel about mandatory vaccinations with no exemptions. Jay Syrmopoulos is an investigative journalist, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism.

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Added Thompson, “although many of Ohio’s elected leaders opposed the federal health care mandate and supported our Amendment, six individual health insurance mandates were introduced during Ohio’s last legislative session.