Dating with german men

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Dating with german men

Honestly, is this the way things are handled here in Germany?

Is he being only a very good friend or is it the normal degree of shyness one can expect from a local bavarian boy?

I'll prepare you a coffee, while your battery is charging and you are able to find the way back home. I saw him smiling after this phrase and told me “Yes, I'm not afraid of it.”To shorten the story, I’d only add that he stayed there for at least one and a half hour, almost two.

We were sitting on my sofa bed, next to each other, like close to each other, talking, having a nice time, laughing and he did nothing, absolutely nothing.

When you are a social salsa dancer this is part of the show.

The rape joke/comment may have scared him, but this guy sounds like the guys I have been told about there, they will carry you home when you drink too much at the hofbrauhaus, and NOT take advantage of your passed out butt.Whether your specific interests are German culture, geography, cuisine, art, or any and all things German, then create your free profile, and start connecting today!I am a fresh fish swimming in german waters, my flight landed in Frankfurt 6 weeks ago. And, I’m afraid, I might be falling for a guy, as well.The post “Inter-cultural Dating Help: How do I tell if a German guy is interested?( depicts what seems to be a usual behavior among germans. I met him 5 weeks ago on a Saturday night on the dancefloor, we both enjoy dancing, so we danced, talked and by the end of the night exchanged phone numbers and facebook, nothing special I’d say, at least not from my side.

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