Dating violence examples

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The abuser intentionally behaves in ways that cause fear, degradation and humiliation to control the other person.Forms of abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional and psychological.

Teen dating violence can be prevented, especially when there is a focus on reducing risk factors as well as fostering protective factors, and when teens are empowered through family, friends, and others (including role models such as teachers, coaches, mentors, and youth group leaders) to lead healthy lives and establish healthy relationships.That reference does not change the fact that every survivor -- male or female -- deserves support, options, resources and safety.Abusers attempt to control their partners in a variety of ways.Teen dating violence doesn’t always occur between individuals who are currently in a relationship; it can also happen between those who were once in a relationship.Dating violence can present itself in the following ways: —undesired harassing or threatening behavior committed by one individual toward another.

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Teachers, counselors, and other adults are there to help.