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The stars may align for you with Align, a dating app that matches profiles based on astrological signs. From there, you add six emoji to your profile that each represent different personality traits, like "blunt" or "magnetic." Align will show you a galaxy of profiles of people in your area, and indicate how compatible you are based on your star signs. It may be a pseudoscience, but unlike apps like Tinder or Bumble, you at least have a shared personality trait to bond over when you start talking: your love for the stars.When you view someone else's profile, Align will show you how compatible you are based on your sign.Apps for lesbians, such as Dattch or Find Hrr, are similarly effective.I dream about an app that tells me the girl nearby in the cafeteria finds me attractive, but for now Grindr and other GPS dating apps will make do. Many colleges, such as University of Maryland, Yale and Kent State, offer majors or minors in LGBT or queer studies.Even if nothing results from your endeavor, at least you can say you tried getting involved in something other than Netflix. Going to a gay bar at least lowers the chance of you accidentally hitting on that girl you keep seeing in Starbucks who you hoped was a lesbian.Most college towns only have one gay bar for miles, attracting people from the community who you may not have met otherwise.

No, not every lesbian owns 23 plaid shirts and has short hair.

How many times do you really want to hear, “Sorry, I’m straight,” before you decide to become a spinster at age 22?

Let’s face it: it’s difficult to put yourself out there when it comes to dating.

Two hundred students isn’t a very large pool -- the app is estimated to have 50 million subscribers -- and is this even a question students would answer honestly?

“I find it a little bit of a stretch of reality that they’re looking for friends -- with that agenda -- with this app,” she said.

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Yes, your campus probably has one tucked away somewhere, and this is where you find queer folk in between classes.

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