Dating practices in turkey

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If the wedding is conservative or traditional, women should wear long sleeves to cover their arms and long dresses or skirts to cover their legs and ankles.

Wedding etiquette for men is to dress in a formal shirt and pants the same as in a Western wedding.

I didn’t date much in high school or at university, and I wasn’t given much attention by men. I am a self-proclaimed bookworm and nerd to the core, so nothing could keep me from the gorgeous university libraries or research lounges.

My experience with speaking or talking with guys all came from my two best male friends and my two big brothers–obviously nothing romantic or flirtatious there.

Turkish wedding customs still follow some of the customary Muslim practices.

Talking to Turkish men if the woman is also Turkish and neither of them are Westernized does not involve dating.

Wedding etiquette depends on how traditional or modern the wedding is.The culture makes a large difference in the type of marriage ceremony and how the bride is courted.Turkish wedding traditions also include some marriages where husband and wife are determined after they are born, and there are some marriages still where a sister-in-law may step in as wife for a sister who is deceased.The other 1% are comprised of individuals practicing Christianity and Judaism but have declined since early in the year 2000.Marriage is considered one of the most important unions in Islam, and what happens at a Turkish Muslim wedding ceremony is both beautiful and spiritual.

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There are occasions where Turkish couples can meet, such as at school or work, but when talking to Turkish men, they do not date.

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