Dating girl lot guy friends

Posted by / 01-Apr-2020 01:46

Oh, so he's not into me at all and I should just let it go? I was only into him for six months and thought about what our wedding would look like and what we'd name our kids, but yeah, totally.

There's certainly nothing wrong with girls who have mostly guy friends.

If you can’t help but get jealous, then sit down and talk with her about how you’re feeling.

If you’re dating a girl who hangs out with mostly guy friends, don’t try and get back at her by hanging out with every female you have listed in your i Phone. So your new girlfriend has five best friends — Joe, Jesse, Charlie, Aaron and Chuck.

It's like you've become so chill with them that you're no longer even a woman and you can tell they don't even see you that way anymore and somehow this bothers the hell out of you. When you turn to them for guy advice and their answer cuts like a freaking knife. Not at all, if you act bothered you'll put your girlfriend off you.I went out with a girl who was gorgeous, she dressed how us men like women to look, she had a great personality and perfect figure, dirty in bed too (just for the record).Needless to say, chilling out on the couch watching a great comedy in sweatpants on a Friday night with her mains? Just because she has mostly guy friends, that doesn't mean she has some unspoken playbook to decode men.If anything, she's probably a tad more confused because she's exposed to a different side of guys on the regular.

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