Dating costume jewelry

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Dating costume jewelry

For example, 95 stands for 1995, and 03 stands for 2003.

"Made in Italy" also first appears around the early 2000s and becomes more common in more recent collections. Stamping is just one aspect of proper authentication.

Please also note that there can be many variations of each stamping, and there are also a few uncommon stamps not discussed.

However, the above encompass most Chanel costume jewelry stamping.

You may also find pieces with ©Chanel from this time period.

In the early 80's, date of production is incorporated into the stamping, so many pieces have a year in the place of "made in France."But not all early 1980's jewelry had the year.

Some did not show the date of the jewelry but, the stamping is distinctly different from markings belonging to another timeframe.

Pieces from 1921-1939 were made to complement Chanel's clothing.Season markings include A for Fall, P for Spring, C for Cruise collection, and V for continuous line.The numbers represent the 3rd and 4th digit of the year.Many pieces in this time period remained un-stamped, as Chanel jewelry was still being designed as part of an entire couture outfit.However, some jewelry started receiving very basic stamps.

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The style of Chanel Novelty Company was distinctly different from Chanel's, and these accessories have their own unique beauty and craftsmanship.

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