Dating antique mirrors are chris colfer and adam lambert dating

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Dating antique mirrors

Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, sheet glass stays in perfect condition for a long time.If the glass on the specimen is immaculate, there’s a good chance you are not looking at an antique mirror.A few of these frames will have a date stamp or the manufacturer’s tag on the back.If all the above factors check out and you think you may be on to a good thing, ask an appraiser for their opinion.Antique mirrors are an attractive addition to any period-style home.They can also be worth a fortune, like many rare and ancient things.They will investigate the mirror and give you a written description of the item and its worth.

Another tell-tale sign is in the way the mirror fastens to the frame.Regardless of the backing used, an antique mirror is bound to have some blotchy spots.These are a caused by oxidation of the metals over time.The effect is usually more visible near the bottom of the mirror.Moisture from cleaning the mirror seeps into the frame and drains downward.

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