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Dating advice being ignored

The being of things is reduced to its limit that constitutes both their innermost nature and their external boundary.

It would be wrong to say that Chinese thought negates any notion of reality that transcends the world of appearances.

The latter, of course, has nothing to do with the mere continuation of the past.

Its real essence is the creative event or, to be precise, the self-effacing power of time, the irresistible force of forgetfulness that affirms the ever-present but essentially a-temporal reality under the cover of permanent renovation.

These terms were systematically used since early medieval times and gradually became the main elements in Chinese classification systems.This paradox of self-realization through “self-forgetting”, still only vaguely understood, has also a historical aspect.What kind of history, if any, can such subjectivity have and how does this history account for the actual historical stages of Chinese thinking?Chinese tradition does postulate the existence of reality that can be lived and referred to but cannot be known, not even grasped in intuition.It is being-becoming, self- concealing in its very openness, which is designated by the semantics of the main philosophical terms of China.

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The concept of the “Focus-Field Self’ obviously aims at avoiding the pitfalls of rationalistic self-identities but, unfortunately, it does so to the point of neglecting the problem of authentic Self altogether.

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